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The University of Newcastle Coding & STEM 4 Schools (CS4S) team provides professional learning opportunities for, and conducts research into, the teaching and learning of Computer Science, Coding, Computational Thinking and STEM in primary and secondary schools. The focus areas of the professional learning opportunities and research run by the CS4S team are:

  • The implementation of the Digital Technologies learning area of the national Australian Curriculum
  • Coding and Computational Thinking in K-12
  • Integrating Coding with different K-12 subjects (such as Mathematics)

The workshops run by the CS4S team are focused on developing competencies included in the Digital Technologies learning area of the national Australian Curriculum, the capabilities outlined in the NSW Coding and Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum Guide, and are accredited by NESA.


Teachers’ Feedback

We have included some feedback that we have received from teachers that have attended our professional learning workshops below.

“All information, steps and resources are easily accessible in a clear layout. This is the most thoroughly prepared resources I have seen in a PL session. Look forward to attending more sessions in future.” - Teacher that attended our CS4S Maths workshop in 2017.

“The level of planning and preparation from the Newcastle Uni team was very impressive and appreciated.” - Teacher that attended our CS4S Introduction workshop in 2017.

“This has been the best learning experience I have attended in years. Well worth it and I will spread the word when I get back to school. thanks!” - Teacher that attended our CS4S High School workshop in 2016.

“Thank you and please keep up the good work, this was a great introduction to computational thinking.” - Teacher that attended our CS4S Primary School workshop in 2016.

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